Steelhead Gloves Anniversary Edition

Traditional waterproof gloves use a membrane that is nothing more than a giant bag, inserted between glove layers. Moisture is trapped inside the glove, creating a cold damp feeling. Your hands are dry, but they are still cold because you literally have a moisture barrier that inhibits breathability, and acts as a cooling layer inside the glove.

Our Steelhead Gloves are designed to keep your hands bone-dry, give you maximum dexterity, and provide a layer of warmth when fishing in cold environments. Patented OutDry technology makes our gloves 100% waterproof/submersible, windproof, and breathable. Plus the warm fleece lining, and durable stretch shell give you the snug fit and uncompromising feel that you need in the fingertips, and an extended cuff for valuable additional coverage at the wrist. Go ahead, chase chrome in a snow squall, or tail a trophy king in frigid water, you can trust your hands will stay warm and dry.

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Utilizing the one piece patented OutDry construction process creates the ultimate waterproof breathable barrier in gloves. This impenetrable layer is permanently heat bonded directly to the outer fabric. Leaving no seams, no gaps, and no way for water to get in. This allows us to build a thinner, lighter glove, with maximum dexterity and feel.

Traditional waterproof gloves use a membrane that is nothing more than a giant bag, inserted between glove layers. Moisture is trapped inside the glove, creating a cold damp feeling. Your hands are dry, but they are still cold because you literally have a moisture barrier that inhibits breathability, and acts as a cooling layer inside the glove.

Customer Reviews

  • Big Fan
    Value   |

    I originally purchased these gloves through the kickstarter campaign. I am not a fan of fishing with gloves but I thought I would give these a shot. Glad I did. They are amazing. All my hates for gloves while fishing have gone away. Unfortunately I had the pleasure of watching the right hand go floating away. I wasn't in any position to run after it. I just placed another order because I have eye problems. I can't see myself fishing another cold northern day with out them.

  • So good, some *@#%^ stole mine!!
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    Was fishing the end of the steelhead run up in Ohio. Put my gloves on the roof of my van while packing up, locked up my rod and reel (thankfully), and went to help out someone that was having car trouble. When I got back, my gloves were gone. So, if you buy them, make sure you lock them up with your rod and reel when you're done fishing for the day! I bought the gloves through the kickstarter campaign and, to be honest, I had my doubts that they would be as good as they are. Everything related to fly fishing has become so over-hyped, it's hard to take any of it seriously anymore. But these gloves are legit. I'm over 50, so the blood doesn't run as hot, or as efficiently, as it used to and winter steelhead fishing was becoming a challenge for me. I can compensate for cold feet with foot warmers. But how do you fish with hand warmers inside your gloves? Neoprene gloves are a joke and my other gloves just weren't getting the job done anymore. I read on kickstarter that these were developed by a gentlemen that was dealing with some health issues, so I figured it was worth a try. They were great! I found that I didn't have to focus on my hands, trying to always be aware of any early warning signs of frostbite, like I did with the other gloves. It was nice not having to have to come out of the water to heat up my hands with a small fire or the zippo hand warmer. I get to decide when I took a break, not my hands. It was nice to be able to enjoy winter fly fishing again. When I fish in the winter, the only thing I want to worry about potentially freezing are the guides on my rod. Sure, I still bring the zippo and still like to get the hands nice and toasty a couple of times a day. They are great gloves but they can't give me back my circulatory system from when I was a 20 year old. That's a time machine, not gloves. But, now, the breaks are when I want to stop instead of when I have to. That's worth the price, imho. As for that glove thief, all I can hope for is his pole and reel don't work half as well as MY gloves will for him. I'd like to think he'll be out on the rivers one raw February day, with a once in lifetime buck steelie on his line, when he hears the snap of graphite cracking right before his leader breaks from a fray he failed to check for before he starting fishing. Chrome karma on steelhead alley. Couldn't happen to a nicer guy.

  • Best Gloves in the Market

    You could read a review or you could watch a review of real results and waterproof testing... you choose! Link to a video I made of the Steelhead Gloves below:

  • Loving these gloves!
    Value   |

    from steelhead fishing upstate ny to fishing ne pa, it gets darn cold! and who doesn't want warm dry hands?! i know i do! I float fish with a centerpin and surprisingly, casting and mending line with these full finger gloves isn't bad at all! I would definitely recommend these!!

  • The Only Glove
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    If your fishing in the freezing cold and you're not wearing these gloves... your doing it wrong

  • duck hunting tested

    I drove a 4 wheeler 35 mph for 2.5 miles in 28' weather and the gloves proved to be completely wind proof. Normally after that run I can't get my hands to work for 15 or so minutes. Being the last day of duck season we hade to pick up 150 decoys in 30 deg weather (reaching into the water over the side of a boat). They proved to be extremely waterproof and shed the water extremely well. LOVED THEM.

  • Amazing, amazing gloves
    Value   |

    Now there is finally a pair of gloves that keeps my hands warm and the crew at Kast designed an amazing pair. It is rare to find a very warm pair of gloves that are thin enough to be useful in most activities--again, look no further. I love these gloves and honestly you will too. Maybe in the future they will have additional color options, but until then keep your hands warm with Kast Steelhead gloves everyone.

  • Money well spent.
    Value   |

    Just received my new Steelhead gloves in the mail and decided to head out for a few hours on the ice. I have to say wow! These gloves exceeded my expectations, living in Northern BC it's always a struggle to find gloves that fit my purpose, these however fit the bill. I never had to pull my gloves on and off for baiting and hook sets, my hands stayed warm while reaching in the hole to land fish as well as releasing some rainbows. Good job!

  • You Absolutely Need These Gloves
    Value   |

    I spend a lot of time fly fishing in all kinds of weather. When the urge strikes, I go. It doesn't matter what the forecast is. If you share the same passion and need THE BEST in outdoor protection for your hands, you have to own a pair of these gloves. They are the warmest, driest gloves I have ever owned. The guys at KAST Gear make great products and the Steelhead Gloves are the pinnacle of that commitment.

  • Solid!
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    These gloves (paired with a muff for quick warm ups) are solid when swinging for steel in sub freezing temps! Fit is as advertised and they're sexy!

    Jennifer 'mrsreelwoman',
    Value   |

    I fly fish about 120-130 days a year, mostly in Western WA. A lot of those days are cold and wet in the Pacific NW. For me the biggest challenge in surviving winter fishing is keeping my hands warm and dry. I was a big fan of the past Kast glove models, but even the XS were always too big for me. The new Steelhead gloves are amazing. The XS fits my hands perfectly. I can fish in below zero temps comfortably. Recently I caught and released a Dolly Varden on the Sauk River wearing the Steelhead gloves the entire time. This is a great indication that these gloves allow for the agility required when handling a fish carefully. Thank you Kast gloves!

  • Game Changer
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    Winter fishing went from barely tolerable to an all day event as soon as I started wearing these gloves. In below freezing temps, my fingers would scream mercy long before I was ready to pack it in, but now I keep warm and dry until I'm ready to call it a day. They are nimble enough to allow me to feel the line while I cast and keep the water out when I dip my hand in. These go with me everywhere, camping, hiking, etc. A purchase you won't be disappointed with!

  • Best gloves in the world!
    Scott, K.,
    Value   |

    I have been using your steelhead gloves for over a year now and recently purchased 2 more pairs through your kickstarter campaign. They really are the best gloves in the world and have been a total lifesaver for me fishing in cold weather.

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